​Stop here for Adventure !

Maybe the desert is not your thing but you would like to “get out there”. Time for you to try out some of the adventure tracks and visit some great spots. There will be people but like you they will mostly be driving and camping. Often the camping will be bush camping, no amenities such as toilets or showers, but there will also be maintained camp grounds in many destinations. Check first if you want only official camping grounds. While you will meet a few fellow ‘backpackers’ most will be Aussies seeking adventure. So I have listed some of these tracks for you.

The Gibb River road in the Kimberley probably has more to see than almost any other track. You could easily spend a month just on it alone as you go from Tunnel Creek to Winjanna Gorge to the Mitchell Falls and on to Kulumburru. There are many many gorges, so many it is difficult to pick the best. All are different and all worth having a walk/hike through. You turn off to Kulumburru so must back track to go on to Wyndam. This is the Five River country and is as fascinating as the Mitchell Plateau. From there on to the Bungle Bungles.

The Old Telegraph Line is the track that follows the route of the telegraph line used when we were connected to the rest of the world by copper wire. The line is gone and the poles are mostly gone but the track used to maintain the line is now a mecca for 4WD drivers and adventurers. You will find plenty of written material on the Tele Track and Cape York so read up and note down the places you want to stay or visit. Do not miss Fruit Bat Falls or Virilya Point.

​​​Perhaps you are only interested in maritime adventure - then click to go to Boatalong

You have come here for adventure but where to find it and what sort of adventure should it be? Well it will not be climbing glaciers or jet boating rivers but it could be hiking wild gorges or being careful of the crocs as they watch you and wonder what sort of meal you would make. In this country you will quickly learn that you are NOT top of the food chain.

Australia is 90% desert so you should consider having a look at some of it. A close look, not out the window of a plane to Ayers Rock. To do so you will need a 4WD and some like minded companions. Then pick your spot from those I have listed in the Where to Go, you will find many are in one of our many deserts. Some of our great desert Tracks are the Canning Stock Route, the French Line, the Gunbarrel Highway, the Connie Sue and the Madigan Line. You will be able to find some excellent publications aimed at Aussie adventurers that detail these Tracks. For all of these, and many others, you should make sure that you travel in convoy with some other vehicle(s), they are remote and potentially dangerous. Do not travel these Tracks in the summer months (November to March) and be sure you know what you are doing before you try – read and talk to people who have done it.

We have a long and magnificent coast line so perhaps you may consider cruising rather than driving. Go to Mackay in central Queensland and trade your car in for a boat, power or sail. Then sail it to Cape York and back to Cairns before trading it in for a car again. You will be inside the Great Barrier Reef and in reach of some of the world’s greatest marine resorts – or at least the island on which they are situated! Go to South Molle, Hamilton or Lizard Islands or a thousand other Barrier Reef islands. Pick a spot from those I have listed in Where to Go and set sail for adventure.

Perhaps you would like to try a spot of fishing. Well you have come to the right place. Just head for the closest salt water and ask a local what to do to catch a fish there. You will need good tackle so perhaps your first stop will be a Tackle Shop. These days even light gear will handle 20 kg or more braid so a good bait caster or medium spinning reel will do the trick. Why not head to the north – Qld, NT or WA does not matter – and try for a barra. While you may not join the 10 to 1 club you may join the 5 to 1, that is a fish 5 times the breaking strain of your line.