Most of us try to stretch out our dollars which means that the top end resorts are generally out. The capital cities and most popular spots - such as Cairns - are well covered elsewhere. We do not even mention those here, but we will give you some details of the more remote and exotic spots. As often as not these will be either camp areas or very basic accommodation. No accomodation mentioned here has paid for their inclusion.

Where do we

go ??

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Un-bloody-believeable !! The real Australia, our first experience of the deserts.

Editors Notes: This site is continually being updated, with both photos and more places. Please forward to us any information you consider helpful 

Adventure travellers

First time in Australia ? Then deciding where to go is a question with no answer. This site is dedicated to showing you some of the places that you will not see in the Guides. We will not tell you about the Opera House or the Gold Coast - we will tell you about the Simpson Desert and Mornington Island - and many others that not even many Australians know about !

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Stories of Australia, 

make this the year that you travel the real australia!

​Not too much information on the really remote and/or for the adventure traveller. Our government would really like you to land at the International Airport put all your money in the barrel there and walk straight over to Departures. We hope to show you a lot lot more ! Go on and live a little.

“the best adventure. ever!”

That's what Canadian Geoff and his fellow travellers said upon returning from their first Australian boating adventure.